Becky BriggsHello, I am Rebecca E. “Becky” Briggs. I earned my Master of Science in Information Sciences and my Bachelor of Science in Communications at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.  I currently work at the University of Tennessee Libraries Special Collections.  My interests include:

  • Archives & Records Management — acquisitions & accessions, arrangement, description, digital & traditional preservation, reference
  • Metadata & Cataloging — archival cataloging & metadata; cataloging print, analog & digital media; learning and applying new metadata & cataloging standards
  • Information Technologies –Web design & management; digital obsolescence; intellectual freedom regarding digital media; copyright law regarding Web-based content & digital collections

My hobbies can be described based on what I have written on some of my social media profiles:  I am a sporadic writer, a casual crafty artist, an unabashed nerd, and an always experimenting cook.  I also enjoy gardening, reading (even if it is just articles on the Web), and finding bits and pieces of genealogy/family history.


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